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As a pioneer in the pain-free therapy field in Houston, Kristina is the Owner/Lead Therapist at Pain-Free Posture Clinic. She started her career as a franchise owner, of a postural therapy method, headquartered in Del Mar, California, before moving on to open her own postural alignment clinic, Pain-Free Posture. Driven by a mission to help as many people as possible, currently over 2,000, Kristina is best known for inspiring those suffering from chronic pain to stay the course until they are rid of the pain and finally feel better for good.

As a seasoned professional, her goals are helping each client understand why they have chronic pain, developing a plan tailored to each individual’s postural misalignments and dysfunctions, and assisting them through the process of becoming pain-free. Kristina has been recognized by her clients and healthcare professionals for her extraordinary dedication to helping clients banish pain so that they can live active and fulfilling lives.

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When trapped in chronic pain, it can seem like you’ll never feel better or be able to live the life you want – especially if you’ve tried other therapies and drug-based treatments that only work temporarily or not at all. To feel better, you need to focus on the source of your pain. While most chronic pain treatment methods address symptoms or try to mask the pain, Posture Alignment Therapy works on the underlying postural issue. Thousands of people just like you have ditched the pills, found an alternative surgery, and finally feel better for good.

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Posture Alignment Therapy is an approach based on fundamental anatomical, physiological and biomechanical principles. By using the blueprint of the human body as a guide, the goal of posture alignment therapy is to bring about a state of muscular balance and internal homeostasis in the individual. A client’s symptoms do not dictate a formula for treatment, rather, it provides insight into the individual’s limitations. Our primary objective is to remove the person’s postural dysfunctions.

Your pain exists because your body is not balanced. This misalignment can stem from an old injury, hours of sitting behind a desk or in a car, or airplane; or repetitive movements that we all do unconsciously. Sitting with our legs crossed, leaning into the console of our favorite sofa arm, and even the way we stand can cause problems. Sometimes imbalance is the result of a postural dysfunction such as scoliosis, or surgery that leaves behind adhesions and scar tissue. The imbalance in your posture can cause pain, sleeplessness, physical limitations, and distrust of your body’s capability. Long-term pain can create a fear cycle that not only limits your physical well-being but also your mental well-being.

At the Pain Free Posture Clinic, our therapist analyses your posture in three different ways. We take posture photos, palpate the hips, knees, ankles, and shoulders as well as look for muscle imbalances. The therapist will watch you walk to better understand how your body is functioning. The gait analysis is an important diagnostic tool because the body is interconnected, and pain can be reflected in an area other than where the root cause lies.

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What Does Pain-Free Posture Help With?

  • Back Pain
  • Hip Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Neck Ache
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Sports Injuries
  • Sciatica
  • Elbow Pain
  • Pregnancy Pains
  • Scoliosis
  • Arthritis
  • Ankle and Foot Pain
  • Leg Pain
  • Wrist and Hand Pain
  • Jaw Pain
  • Repetitive Strains and
  • Injuries

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