Client Testimonials

Our clients overwhelmingly agree that Posture Alignment Therapy has changed their lives for the better. But you don't have to take our word for it! Explore what our clients have to say about us, below.


Wendy (with Kristina)


Kristina has a gift. I feel so much better compared to where I started a few months ago.

Mark D.

I came in with a painful right hip, pain in the opposite knee, and a constantly stiff back. After starting the program, things started changing rather quickly, I was walking with better posture and feeling the pain in those joints going away. My wife and my daughters started commenting on my straighter posture and I was no longer slouching... I do appreciate what Pain Free Posture Clinic is doing to help so many like me.

Robert Z.

Since spine angle is so important in golf, having your spine aligned makes it much easier to keep your spine angle intact. Good body alignment makes for good golf alignment. Having your body in sync allows all your muscles to participate in the swing. Utilizing your core muscles takes pressure off of your back. Shoulder and hip turn. Your power in your swing comes from making a good turn with both your shoulders and your hips. It would make sense that having your shoulders aligned, and loose, and the same for your hips, would allow for a much wider turn, which in turn would lead to more power for your swing. I had not hit anything other than a wedge for 2 years, back problems and a broken left elbow. Once my pain level decreased through [Posture Alignment Therapy with Kristina] I was able to work on my strength. I have now hit balls once a week for the last 6 weeks. I have been able to hit most of my clubs as far as I was prior to my injuries. The biggest change has come from the stability of my swing. I am able to repeat the same swing with constant spine angle, and a good turn. I am hitting over 90% of shots pure, and my misses have been from not standing close enough to the ball, so even the misses are actually going straight, just a little thin (lower flight trajectory).

Mark F

I have been going to Kristina for over 12 years and I am so glad to see her with her own place. I started with her because of hip problems that caused a lot of pain and it was hard to sit for any length of time. Kristina was able to give me exercises that helped and now I don't have pain (unless I don't do the exercises for awhile - so I do keep up). When I had a shoulder problem from repetitive motion 3 years ago, she was able to give me exercises to help with that issue. I go back regularly to get new exercises to keep me motivated and help keep me pain free.

Elizabeth F.

[Therapy] with Kristina has been life changing! I was diagnosed with scoliosis and a rotated spine at a young age and have lived with pain and misalignment my entire life. After two sessions with Kristina I was standing straight and my pain was gone. Now, after 8 sessions, I feel great, have beautiful posture and the curve in my spine has almost completely corrected itself.

Ellen V.

Give it a few sessions. Keep an open mind. Try not to let what you previously know about physical therapy exercises get in the way of it. Just Do It! It works! I have done 10 sessions and I am pain free 95% of the time. In addition, I had a rotator cuff tear, this has been completely rehabbed at Pain Free Posture Clinic.

Susan C.

I was suffering from debilitating knee pain. The Doctors told me I could either have surgery or walk in pain for the rest of my life. A friend told me about Pain Free Posture Clinic. I was skeptical at first because the exercises were not what I expected. After the first few sessions, the pain disappeared, and I became a true believer.

Dean W.

I had lower back pain and hip pain which I thought was from spinal stenosis. My orthopedic therapist suggested I try Pain Free Posture Clinic. After starting the program on my 4th visit I no longer have hip pain and my back spasms have gone away. I am able to play golf several days a week without suffering from back and hip pain.

Bill C.

This place is absolutely AMAZING. They have changed the life and lifestyle of myself and so many people I know. Kristina is very knowledgeable, caring and encouraging. Her assistant is the sweetest person ever. I would definitely recommend them. 10 stars.

Lillie F.

Working through the exercises and stretches was helping and I really knew it was working when I was able to take a car trip from Texas to Colorado and back without any hip problems at all. I do my exercises and stretches every day and I am pain-free.

Elizabeth F.

The sciatic pain was very sporadic coming and going all throughout the day. I was told the only way to fix the sciatic pain was to have surgery and I didn't want to have surgery. After working though the program for a few months I am now Pain Free and feel better aligned in all of my joints with an overall improvement in my health. I am now able to play multiple days of golf without experiencing the pain I once did.


I had pain in my lower back right side and down my hip and leg. I started the program by doing the exercises and stretches that Kristina assigned to me. By the third visit, my pain had decreased a lot and I am doing a lot better. Now I am going out dancing and it has been so great that I am not feeling pain anymore.

Santos G.

As always Kristina gets to the bottom line and has helped me tremendously over many years. A true godsend for me if you just follow her recommendations.

Robert Z.

Kristina is amazing! She is like a sculptor, constantly chiseling away at my posture so that my body is more balanced and pain free! I really appreciate her care. She has helped me more than any chiropractor or physical therapist.


A couple of weeks ago I went to an exercise class and threw my back out. I could not even stand up. I was in extreme pain. I called Kristina at Pain Free Posture Clinic and she got me in the next day. My husband dropped me off and she worked with me between other clients. After doing the gentle stretches and exercises I was able to stand up straight. My back and hips were hurting a little still but by the next day I was feeling good and pain free. I was amazed at the change from one day to the next.

Debbie G

Pain relief without medication. Tuning your body to work the way it is suppose to.

Dr. Gregory P.

I have not been doing my exercises at Pain Free Posture for very long, but I see improvement. I hobble in and walk out normally. Very Encouraging!!

Barbara W.

My neck is completely pain free. The continued work is improving my posture and the other conditions created by years of office work, sitting, and computer and cell phone use.

David J.

I can not say enough great things about Kristina. She has been life changing for me. I was diagnosed with a herniated disc and had terrible nerve problems with my legs. After trying everything for over 8 months (steroid injections, Chiropractor, stem cells, cyro, acupuncture) and nothing was working. By now my upper torso was permanently shifted over from my lower body. I could only walk about 30 steps before I had to sit down to relieve the pain. Someone referred me to Kristina and it was truly life saving and a blessing. Within 2 weeks she had reduced my shifting to stand more upright and nerve pain by 50%! After just 4 weeks, I was almost completely healed!!! I can now run, workout, play golf, pickup and wrestle with my kids with no pain! I would highly recommend Kristina at Pain Free Posture Clinic.

Brandon W.

Kristina has helped me tremendously! She took time to really listen and designed exercises to correct my posture. With each session, I experienced a new hope, correction in my body and strength. I trust her and appreciate all she has done for me.

Beverly W.

Two years ago, I broke my leg walking across the street front my house. I was walking with my friend, she tripped and fell. I tried to catch her, but failed. She fell on top of my leg and broke it. I now have a rod that goes [from] my ankle to my knee. Just a tragic accident. I broke my tibia and knee. I was bed ridden for 4 months. 6 months of therapy followed with no improvement. My right knee, hip and, back hurt from the injury. I had a second surgery on my knee for scar tissue. Which I am sure would not have happened if I would have discovered [Kristina] earlier… with the first 4 therapies with [Kristina], I stopped using my cane and didn’t feel any more pain in my leg or back. I attribute all my improvement to [Kristina]. I hope that others can find healing as I did. Thank you to Kristina for being so patient and compassionate.

Hilda K.

I highly recommend Kristina at Pain Free Posture Clinic. I have been going to Kristina for over a year now. When I first went to her, I had a nerve and tendon injury in my foot and ankle. I was scared that my injury was permanent due to the severity of the pain and after having a poor experience with a podiatrist that recommended a boot, which subsequently affected my knee and hip. Kristina through her keen observation of what was going on in my body quickly designed a program that had me pain-free in short time (2-3 months). I went from walking 1000 steps a day with tremendous pain and limitations to over 25,000 - 30,000 steps/day with no concern, problem, or pain. I still go for maintenance and for other things that come up from working out/repetitive motion pain. I have also sent family and friends to Kristina to help them with shoulder/neck/arm numbness and pain. She has helped everyone through her specific targeted exercises. Kristina is easy to work with. She is very caring, super knowledgeable, patient, and her detailed explanations always make a difference on me being comfortable and confident to do everything on my own after our sessions.

Simon L.

Kristina does superb work. She has helped several of our family members over the course of a number of years, providing relief from pain and increased mobility. We recommend her enthusiastically.

Mark D.

I suffered from a bicycle accident and was never the same. I went to multiple massage therapists, chiropractors and physical therapists over a 6-year period, and continued to be in chronic pain. I was losing hope that I would ever be pain-free. I finally found [Kristina]. She was amazing. My first visit gave me me a ray of hope because I felt better after my first set of realignment exercises. Kristina explained that I needed to do the exercises every day in order to retrain my body and maintain alignment. I saw Kristina once a week, and she updated my exercises. I only needed treatment for about 6 months, and then I was on my own pain free! What I learned, has carried over. Recently, I got in a minor car wreck and suffered some whip lash. I immediately started doing [a postural] exercise that had previously helped my neck in order to realign myself and get rid of the pain. I can’t tell you how thankful I am for [Kristina]! I have an active life, and it is so nice to do things pain free!

Vanessa Z-P.

Kristina and Pain Free Posture Clinic has completely changed my relationship to pain. Under her guidance, I have learned ways to get out of pain when it comes AND, more importantly, how to use targetted movement as prevention. I cannot say enough good things. 100% recommendation.

Susan C.

Awesome place. I went with terrible back pain, frozen shoulder and numbness in legs. Kristina has diligently [worked] through my issues. I'll continue to visit her for good posture and pain free existence.

Amar R.

I have had surgeries following a motorcycle accident. I had 5 surgeries for a chronically dislocated shoulder, despite the physical therapy and work with personal trainers I had pretty much given up on feeling better. I started with Kristina at Pain Free Posture Clinic doing the exercises and stretches prescribed for me based on my posture and it has changed my life. I felt better after the very first session. I now feel better and am able to do more than I have in years.

Connie H.

My Neck is no longer in terrible pain, and my body is looking more balanced. I encourage anyone with chronic pain to try this. You will feel a difference in your first session. It is the only thing that has worked for me.

Vanessa Z.

I had never gotten depressed that I could remember, but I was familiar with the signs. Depression was setting in. I had been hurting for 13 years as best I could figure after throwing my back out working in my yard. Sciatica in my right leg down to my ankle was paralyzing me each afternoon and the demands of teaching was becoming too much to handle through the pain. I hurt most of the day and lying down was the only thing that seemed to give me relief. I was ready to retire! But I was only in my 50's! Through all those years I went to 4 doctors (one was ready to do ankle surgery!) and 3 different rehabs. I also went to 3 different chiropractors. Last spring, a doctor told me I had a bulging disc L4 and L5, which I had never been told. I received a series of 3 shots in my back, which gave me a liffle relief. I had tried lots of things and was running out of hope. Facing back surgery and dreading the thought, I was thinking I had no other choice. I was visiting a friend, Julia, who had been after me for several years to try [Posture Alignment Therapy]. It was successful for her so she suggested that I make an appointment with Kristina in Houston. By November I was in really bad shape, but after working with Kristina for a couple of hours, I could feel my hope return! She worked with me again the next day before I caught my plane to make sure I knew how to do the [exercises]. Since then Kristina and I have used Skype every 2 weeks or so to meet together for our appointment. We discuss the [exercises] on my menu, where we might need to make adjustments to the exercises, and how life is so much better! It has now been 6 months since I started [with Kristina]. I walk straighter, my eyes show hope, and the sciatica has gone away! I do my menu every morning before school and my tower at night, before bed. I am going to the gym again and that feels good. Is it easy to discipline myself? Not always, but I know if I don't do it, I will regret it. The effort you put into the [exercises] and tower [is proportional] to the pain relief you will get. I'm looking forward to the summer and I hope to make more progress than I can ever imagine.


After years of pain from sedentary work at the computer, plantar fasciitis and heel spurs, I arrived in dire shape at the door of [Kristina's] clinic in Houston. I am so happy to say that after two months most of my pain is either gone or decreased. I notice many big and small changes, but the most spectacular happened at the end of menu three. I had been exercising the menu and using the tower at home. Afterwards I felt the most powerful, acute pain in my right foot (the foot which had caused me the most pain over the years with sprains, swelling and caused me to walk on the outside of my right foot.) I immediately put ice on the area below my ankle on the inside of the foot. The pain lasted a few minutes and on removing the ice pack I saw a tarsal bone slightly protruding under the skin. That bone had not been visible before but now matched my left foot. I stood up and there was no pain and there is still no pain. I believe that the corrections I have been making with [Kristina] allowed the bone to escape years of being trapped by cartilage and it had broken tree. Now I am able to walk with only minor pain from the heel spur. It is wonderful to know that there is hope and promise that the rest of my body will respond and be corrected. Thank you, Kristina. Now I look forward to my retirement and know that with continued body work I will be able to climb those mountains and enjoy life. What a gift. [UPDATE:] Another change happened this week after I submitted my story to Kristina. My shoulder broke free of the adhesions and scar tissue a few days ago. I woke up and rolled over and my shoulder popped free. My shoulder is completely pain free and I have full range of motion. We are all celebrating my successes at the clinic.


As I age, my body needs more work and Kristina is the BEST at giving me a menu of exercises to help. She is amazing and creates a custom menu for me which relieves pain and helps realign my body. If you have not tried her, you should! She will make you feel Great!

Rhonda B.

OMG I don't even know where to start but first THANK YOU for noticing my structural imperfections and giving me hope and knowledge that I can get this fixed and ride my horse in a balanced and square position the way I did when I was a kid.


In September of 2011 I had Back surgery to open some channels for spinal nerves. Following that surgery I developed some real problems with core strength involving several back muscles. [Kristina] developed a series of exercises (menus) that got me from moving only with a cane to being very mobile again in about 3 to 3.5 months. At that point I knew it was possible for me to get back on the water doing my trick water skiing routines. Each menu has demanded patience and persistence, but in the end it has been well worth it! I plan to continue with maintenance exercises; there is no way that I want to risk the pain and discomfort of last October ever again!


I was diagnosed with hip bursitis about 5 years ago with pain on the outsides of both hips. After several cycles of steroids, physical therapy, and icing I was still suffering from debilitating pain. I began the course of exercises in early January. In February my husband and I went on a trip to Spain. I was averaging 10,000 steps a day! One highlight was a hike with my husband to a mountain top on the southern coast. Something I could have never done just two months before. I began sleeping much better, and the number of migraines started to go down. Posture Alignment will work if you put the effort and time into it.


I have been going to Pain Free Posture Clinic for a while and Kristina is great. She asks if I have any pain areas and then evaluates me each time I go for a session. She then gives exercises I can do to help address my issues. Would highly recommend Kristina and Pain Free Posture Clinic to help you with whatever pain you are experiencing.

Eric M.

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