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Our Services

Our bodies are designed to heal if given an accurate pattern and how to function again in the correct manner. This means allowing joints to move freely and movement to become effortless. In today’s society, we tend to move a lot less creating a myriad of dysfunction and pain. By making a conscious effort to stay active and aware of our bodies we can avoid debilitating pain, that causes many health issues that so many are faced with today. Let us help you by designing an individual program that is right for you to achieve and maintain a healthy pain-free body.

In Clinic Therapy

During the appointment, you will learn about your posture and why your body is in pain. After going over posture photos, functional testing, gait analysis, and palpation. Kristina will then develop a program that is specifically designed for you. Each session is one-on-one with the therapist. After teaching each exercise, Kristina will make sure your body has responded positively and you are comfortable with the series of exercises. You will receive a description of each exercise, including short videos. You will then continue the series of exercises on a daily basis at home until your next visit.

Virtual Therapy via Video Conferencing

Digital Therapy is similar to in-person therapy, except you are receiving therapy via your computer, IPad, or phone. This is mainly for those who do not live close enough to drive in (although we have clients who will drive 4 hours to get here for an in-person visit) or those who feel more comfortable receiving therapy remotely due to health and safety issues. All you need is space to move around and a video camera on your device. Before the session, you will want to have some basic things to use during your session (we will go over them when you make your initial appointment) and the ability to set your device on a table or steady surface so that we can take posture photos from you.

Online Guided Therapy

Offers you the ability to just send in your own posture photos. Based on the posture shown, the therapist will evaluate and send you a set of exercises via e-mail. You will correspond with the therapist via e-mail. This type of therapy is for people who need little guidance and are familiar with their bodies and feel confident in reading the instructions and watching each video in order to perform the exercises and stretches correctly.

Our Services

What You’ll Get With Your Sessions

We see first-hand every day how so many people suffer needlessly from chronic pain and physical limitations. We understand how frustrating it can be trying to find answers and be disappointed when treatments only work short-term. With our unique approach and experienced therapists, we have been able to help thousands find the solution that works to not only eliminate pain conditions but improve performance in all of your activities.