The Most Asked Questions

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Posture alignment therapy in a nutshell rebalances the muscles to hold the joints in their proper place. When the joints are aligned, the function returns eliminating compensation and dysfunction allowing the body to move freely the way it was designed. Our trained therapist analyzes your posture in three different ways. We take posture photos, palpate the hips, knees, shoulders, and ankles well as look for muscle imbalances. We also watch you walk for a better understanding of how your body is functioning while in movement. Gait analysis is an important diagnostic tool that allows us to see other areas of your body that may be compensating, causing underlying pain and discomfort.

We have seen clients as young as 3 years old all the way up to 90 years young and everyone in between. We work with anyone who has pain, chronic pain, off and on pain, or even those who know their posture is not ideal. From professional athletes who want to improve their performance, and weekend warriors looking to stay pain-free, to businessmen and women who travel, mothers, and fathers who run a full-time household, and anyone looking to improve their quality of life. 

Most of our clients feel better after their very first appointment. This is always an exciting time for us at the clinic as people who have come in a tremendous amount of pain feel a little better and sometimes a lot better after doing their first session. This is a time for great celebration as people who come with pain leave with hope. Most of our clients find us by referrals from other clients, and we really like it this way as it relieves the stress of a new potential client, knowing someone else has already experienced firsthand pain relief. Others are referred by orthopedic surgeons, massage therapists, acupuncturists, pain management doctors, and many other modalities. 

The equipment is minimal. We use a few small foam blocks, A larger foam block, a yoga strap, and a slant board. Most equipment can be replicated at home with a little creativity or if you choose to purchase the equipment we have it for sale at our clinic. Other than just shorts, a t-shirt or gym attire and sneakers, and an open mind it’s pretty simple.

Posture alignment therapy is a process. We first want to mitigate your pain, once the pain is under control, we then want to straighten and then strengthen the body to hold the proper positions so that the pain does not return. You will regain function, strength, and balance through the process. This is why we like we offer 8 and 16-session packages. Each journey is different some people need more time than others. We also encourage staying in a maintenance program so that we can see any dysfunction that may be forming from a new hobby you may have picked up or overdoing it in a move or other activity that requires a lot of stress and strain. 

Consultations are always free. Most clients are excited to get started, we can help you decide which package works best for you. A new client’s first visit is $250, most clients once they have experienced their first visit opt for one of our more economical packages. 8 session packages are $1495 these sessions are for one person however they can be upgraded after the first few visits to a 16-session package. The16-session is $2495 and can be shared with friends or family members. With each session, we are working with you to assess your progress and continue moving you forward toward your goals.

Since our goal is not to just treat your symptoms but get to the root cause behind the problems, what we do does not currently align with what insurance companies are willing to cover. In many cases, however, you can use your FSA or HSA, or we can provide you with information for you to submit directly to your insurer.

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Consultations are always free. We can help you decide which package works best for you.